The Research Hive

A new way of working wants to emerge in the world, inspired by the principles of nature. Our vision is to support and facilitate this emergence by connecting people and organisations who are navigating these uncharted waters, by sharing their amazing stories, and by exploring and supporting new ways to grow this evolution.

Aims of the Bio-Leadership Hive

  • To provide a nourishing space for shared learning to apply practically in work and organisations
  • To connect and grow a community of pioneering people and organisations working in this way
  • To support leaders and change agents to guide change in their organisation.
  • To contribute towards more balanced and wholesome lives as people, society and planet

Through the work we will interview pioneering organisations and individuals who are working in new ways inspired by Nature. We will draw from and highlight their direct experience, while simultaneously undertaking our own learning process of weaving and connecting these stories and these organisations to generate spaces where learning can take place.

Phase 1

To connect with 12 Bio-Leaders – pioneering organisations doing things in exciting new ways and share the Bio-Leadership Map and interview them to help explore and connect stories. 

Phase 2

To hold a series of Bio-Leadership round tables to share knowledge, hold space for connection and support a conversation about the future of this work.

About the Bio-Leadership Map

The Bio-Leadership Map is a living research and thinking model, to help develop Bio-Leadership work. As a map does, it helps us to navigate a territory and goals we want to reach.

The Bio-Leadership Map consists of 5 areas of exploration :

  • New measures of purpose and progress, inspired by nature
  • New kinds of organisational form, inspired by nature
  • New ways of working collaboratively, like ecosystems
  • New forms of generative product and service (and ways of providing them) that protect and replenish nature
  • New cultures rooted in connection – leading to deeper change


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