Admin Assistant + Work Place Entrepreneur

Way of Nature and Bio-Leadership Admin Assistant + Workspace co-founder opportunity 

This is a call out for an amazing organiser, to help take Way of Nature UK and the Bio-Leadership Project forwards into a new phase, helping us to ‘grow a culture of nature connection.’ Additionally (maybe a separate role), we are looking for someone interested in leading a more entrepreneurial project – the development of a shared workspace for nature-inspired innovators and revolutionaries. This would be in Bristol and developed on a co-design and shared profit basis.

The Admin Assistant role

We are looking for a super efficient person help us keep on top of the administrative and operational aspects of what we are doing. Working across Way of Nature UK and the Bio-Leadership Project, this would involve:

  • Coordinating admin and communications across Bio-Leadership and Way of Nature UK programmes and projects (including programme registrations, inquiries, group communications etc.)
  • Setting up and managing simple financial systems
  • Helping to research and coordinate new learning and networking opportunities
  • Keeping websites updated
  • Liaising with a social media manager and managing retreat and events listings
  • Helping us to respond to general inquiries
  • Helping to manage a secret project we are working on, to launch further down the line
  • Other support helping us make room for more delivery of programmes and strategic work


Workspace Venture Opportunity

Alongside the above role, we are also exploring a possible new role – which could be the same person – to lead the development of a shared workspace, in Bristol, for people working in new ways inspired by nature. This would be on a small pilot basis initially, looking to grow a shared ownership model. Our proposal here is to help plan and structure the project while asking whoever takes on the project to lead the day-to-day management. We imagine this could grow into an exciting proposition of a nature-inspired workplace(s) for nature-connected pioneers in future.


For the assistant role we imagine working 5 to 10 hours per week at £12.00 per hour to begin with, on an initial trial basis.

For the shared workspace project role, we would look to design this together, building in an hour or day rate for management of the project (once set up) plus also having a share of the proposition and profit.

Next steps

We are holding this call until the 19th January, after which time we will meet and interview 3 people. To express interest in the role please send a covering note and CV to Andres at